Yes, you can support me

Every so often, people ask how they might support the work I do with my tutorial blog posts and ebooks. Here are some options:

  • If you like my material, give it a shout out on Twitter! You can find me there at

  • If my material directly helped your scientific work, consider citing them. You can find tips on how to cite blog posts in APA 7 style here. As far as my books go, I’m okay with people using either their URLs or their DOI numbers.

  • If you teach a related course, share my work with your students! If my work does make your syllabus, please let me know. I’m curating a list.

  • If you’re applying for a grant, consider buying some of my time. My employer loves it when we collaborate with other workgroups. Be aware that I’m a clinical psychologist, not a statistician. The closer the applied work is to behavioral health, the better. Over the past few years, the projects I have been involved with have included:

    • behavior therapy trials,
    • program evaluation,
    • longitudinal panel research,
    • experimental neuroscience,
    • basic behavioral science,
    • questionnaire development, and
    • non-clinical EMA research.
  • No, I am not taking monetary donations, at this time. If you have graduate students, buy them lunch, instead.