At present, all of my books share a similar format and goal. I am a fan of applied Bayesian statistics. In recent years, scholars have released user-friendly Bayesian software packages and have published reasonably-accessible introductory books on applied Bayesian analysis. These have been boons for us all.

In my experience, Bayesian methods are easiest to use within the R computing environment by way of Paul Bürkner’s brms package. At present, I am not aware of any statistical books, introductory or otherwise, that showcase how to use brms for applied Bayesian data analysis. My books are an effort to fill that content gap and to make the powerful techniques afforded by the Bayesian paradigm even more accessible to applied researchers. In addition, I make heavy use of the collection of R packages known as the tidyverse when manipulating and visualizing my data. The following books highlight these paradigms:

I make periodic updates to these books, which are reflected in their version numbers. These resources are now and will always be freely available to all. In all cases, however, these should be considered as supplements to the original source materials.